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Our professional skincare line utilizes a variety of organic products and features a trusted selection of medical-grade solutions for chemical peels and facials.

With over 14 years of experience bringing new life to our client’s skin in DC, you’ll find that our beneficial facials, wrinkle-reducing chemical peels, and Nufree hair removals provide the perfect balance of hydration, restoration, and treatment comfort. Beyond the visible rewards like improved radiance, tone consistency, and pore clarity, our services actively detoxify, nurture, and reinforce your skin’s natural defenses. More than just another day spa near Silver Spring, MD, our beauty salon specializes in waxing, and facials to help you look and feel your best with every meaningful session! 

These proven treatment solutions boost skin rejuvenation and can help you recover from:

Support your skin’s natural healing processes and achieve your skin care goals in fewer sessions at Magdalen’s Pure Skin Care! Our skin care experts offer an individualized level of service that empowers you to achieve healthier and softer skin without harsh chemicals or painful practices. With both facial and Brazilian waxing services our customized services provide numerous benefits, and our skilled estheticians serve with a dedication to clean, friendly, and knowledgeable guidance. 

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Waxing Services Magdalen's Pure Skin Care
Brazilian wax returning clients
Brazilian wax is the removal of all hair in the pubic area; you can leave a strip if you wish.it includes the Butt strip but not the buttocks
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Brazilian wax or Bikini wax for women
Choose to have all hair removed or leave some hair New clients
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Pregnant women Brazilian wax Existing Client
Pregnant women before 4 months, and existing clients
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Pregnant women beyond 5 months
This is for you if you want to be smooth as possible before your bundle of joy arrives!
Full Arms Female
Complete arm waxing of both arms
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Half Arm Female
Any half arm (Female)
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Upper Leg Female
Waxing of upper legs includes inner thigh
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Lower Leg Female
Upper legs for Men
(Waxing of upper legs includes inner thigh)
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Lower Legs for Men
Butt Cheeks Female
(Get that smooth Butt you wish for!)
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Toes and top of Feet Female
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Toes and top of Feet Male
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Stomach Strip $15
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Male Brazilian Wax

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Among our most popular services in Washington, DC, we’re your go-to waxing center for fast and safe waxing appointments. We use Nufree for every hair removal service, a skin-friendly and all-natural solution for body waxing that only takes 10-15 minutes. Perfect for short-notice bikini waxes, underarm hair removal, and smoother skin everywhere else, our waxing services near Potomac, MD feature:  

For more information about our experienced care, reach out to our specialized day spa in Washington, DC and we’ll help you find the perfect solutions for your skin type today!

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Top-Rated Specialized Day Spa in Washington, DC

Quality skin care is an ongoing process, and our day spa that specializes in facials and waxing has estheticians that go beyond the basics with helpful product comparisons, and clear explanations. We’re all about long-term results and feeling your best, and we make it happen with the best estheticians in Washington.

If you’ve never enjoyed our specialized day spa experience at Magdalen’s in Washington, DC, we recommend starting with our multi-step Hydrafacial to establish a healthier baseline. Using a combination of hydra-dermabrasion, exfoliation, a chemical peel, painless extractions, and antioxidant-rich/hyaluronic acid serums, our immersive facials effectively treat multiple skin concerns in a single, pain-free visit. 

Benefits of a Hydrafacial Treatment?

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