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Our day spa specializes in waxing and facials and is home to proven skin care practices and incredible products that work in harmony with your skin.

We created personalized services around your specific skin type and hair removal needs. At our specialized day spa in Howard County, MD, our licensed estheticians can assist with:

Support your skin’s natural healing processes and achieve your skin care goals in fewer sessions at Magdalen’s Pure Skin Care! Our skin care experts offer an individualized level of service that empowers you to achieve healthier and softer skin without harsh chemicals or painful practices. With both facial and Brazilian waxing services our customized services provide numerous benefits, and our skilled estheticians serve with a dedication to clean, friendly, and knowledgeable guidance. 

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Waxing Services Magdalen's Pure Skin Care
Brazilian wax returning clients
Brazilian wax is the removal of all hair in the pubic area; you can leave a strip if you wish.it includes the Butt strip but not the buttocks
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Brazilian wax or Bikini wax for women
Choose to have all hair removed or leave some hair New clients
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Pregnant women Brazilian wax Existing Client
Pregnant women before 4 months, and existing clients
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Pregnant women beyond 5 months
This is for you if you want to be smooth as possible before your bundle of joy arrives!
Full Arms Female
Complete arm waxing of both arms
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Half Arm Female
Any half arm (Female)
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Upper Leg Female
Waxing of upper legs includes inner thigh
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Lower Leg Female
Upper legs for Men
(Waxing of upper legs includes inner thigh)
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Lower Legs for Men
Butt Cheeks Female
(Get that smooth Butt you wish for!)
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Toes and top of Feet Female
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Toes and top of Feet Male
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Stomach Strip $15
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Male Brazilian Wax

Skin Care Experts in Howard County, MD

As a specialized day spa in Howard County, MD, we’re exclusively focused on facials, chemical peels, eyebrow/lash tinting, and all-natural waxing services in Gaithersburg, MD. We take the responsibility of caring for your skin and hope to build a lasting relationship with our dedication to clean service and gentle care.

Our Hydrafacial services offer soothing and refreshing relief to dry or flaking skin. Our clients can also benefit from hydra-dermabrasion, exfoliation, detoxification, and a rich serum infusion that provides supportive compounds deep within the skin. Our estheticians in Howard County offer facial services for resolving wrinkles, dryness, and other skin concerns.

Spa in Howard County, MD

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Easily accessible near Howard County, MD, our caring expertise is as convenient as it is affordable. Our spa is peaceful, comfortable, and professionally cleaned for an all-around amazing experience. Set your day up for relaxation when you book our specialized day spa for the leading waxing or facials in the area. 

If you have any questions about our waxing, facial, or other skin-safe treatment options, don’t hesitate to ask! We’re extremely flexible with our scheduling, available for appointments, and have specials for new customers, package discounts, and provide referral bonuses if you’d like to share a life-changing spa experience with your friends or family!

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