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We Specialize in Facial Treatments & Body Waxing 

For skin rejuvenation backed by proven methods and years of experience, you can count on our day spa estheticians. Improving your skin’s health is our priority, and at our beauty salon, our balanced solutions provide a multitude of interconnected benefits that work in harmony with your body. We don’t simply treat the symptoms of dry skin, acne, or sun spots; we work with you on a personal basis. We also have clean, gentle waxing services for a smooth and hairless finish. We will help you find better products, teach you how to prevent the issues from recurring, and utilize the finest facials, chemical peels, and waxing processes. 

Skin Care Solutions That We Offer in Germantown, MD: 

With our facial services in Germantown, MD, you’ll find that our therapeutic processes get to the source of extreme dryness, fine lines, and other tough-to-treat skin conditions. Our classic facials include allergen-free cleansers, antioxidant-rich serums, and organic compounds that infuse vitamins, micronutrients, and other beneficial compounds deeper into the pores. For the next step up in detoxification and exfoliation of your skin, the Hydrafacials at our specialized day spa near Gaithersburg, MD are the self-care opportunities you deserve
Day spa in Germantown, MD
Waxing Services Magdalen's Pure Skin Care
Brazilian wax returning clients
Brazilian wax is the removal of all hair in the pubic area; you can leave a strip if you includes the Butt strip but not the buttocks
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Brazilian wax or Bikini wax for women
Choose to have all hair removed or leave some hair New clients
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Pregnant women Brazilian wax Existing Client
Pregnant women before 4 months, and existing clients
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Pregnant women beyond 5 months
This is for you if you want to be smooth as possible before your bundle of joy arrives!
Full Arms Female
Complete arm waxing of both arms
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Half Arm Female
Any half arm (Female)
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Upper Leg Female
Waxing of upper legs includes inner thigh
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Lower Leg Female
Upper legs for Men
(Waxing of upper legs includes inner thigh)
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Lower Legs for Men
Butt Cheeks Female
(Get that smooth Butt you wish for!)
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Toes and top of Feet Female
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Toes and top of Feet Male
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Stomach Strip $15
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Male Brazilian Wax
Facial treatment in Germantown, MD

Do You Know Which Skin Care Service is Right for You?

Our client education and care set us apart from the traditional spa and waxing treatments in the area. With any of our all-inclusive day spa services in Germantown, you’ll learn more about how the products work and why we recommend them for your skin type.  In addition to learning about the right products for your skin type, it’s equally important to have Brazilian waxes and facial services by an experienced esthetician. To better protect your skin and minimize the risks of infection following a Brazilian wax, we use a skin-safe, botanical product called Nufree. It safely binds with the hair (not your skin) and contains antimicrobial/antibacterial properties. Our waxing services are performed by licensed experts who prioritize gentle and clean hair removal techniques.

Schedule a Comfortable & Clean Waxing Service in Germantown, MD 

In our relaxing environment, you’ll find that our bikini waxing and body waxing services near Olney, MD are private and professional. We understand that these services require a trusting client/esthetician relationship and do our best to provide a hygienic, comfortable, and welcoming atmosphere for each appointment. Simply tell us about your skin care goals, and our experienced estheticians in Germantown will handle the rest. We offer a variety of discounted package deals, will help you find amazing products to include in your skin care routine, and are here to provide an unforgettable spa experience whenever it’s convenient for you!
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