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Keep Your Skin & Pores Clean With a Facial Treatment!

To revitalize skin cells and boost your hydration levels, our enriching facials may be exactly what your skin deserves. Our facials begin with a personalized skin care plan and feature the perfect blend of nourishing botanicals and a range of restorative compounds that elevate your skin’s natural healing capabilities. We offer traditional facial services and the revolutionary Hydrafacial for benefits like nourished skin, a healthier glow, and reduced fine lines with safe and effective treatment. 

Treating your skin with deeper moisturization and restorative care is simplified with our guidance. We’ll help you compare our various skin-safe options, outline which services will best address your exact skin care goals, and teach you how to maintain stunning results long after your first treatment is complete! You’ll quickly discover that our estheticians care about your long-term skin health and offer product advice to help you define a personal care routine that’s in tune with your skin type. 

Damage from the sun, harsh chemical products, and continuous use of makeup take a toll on our faces. Our day spa in Gaithersburg, MD specializes in waxing and facials for all skin types. We offer a range of restorative facial and hair removal services. We specialize in personalized skin care improvement and successfully treat everything from fine lines and acne to dryness with safe, gentle solutions.

Professional day spa in Gaithersburg, MD
Waxing Services Magdalen's Pure Skin Care
Brazilian wax returning clients
Brazilian wax is the removal of all hair in the pubic area; you can leave a strip if you wish.it includes the Butt strip but not the buttocks
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Brazilian wax or Bikini wax for women
Choose to have all hair removed or leave some hair New clients
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Pregnant women Brazilian wax Existing Client
Pregnant women before 4 months, and existing clients
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Pregnant women beyond 5 months
This is for you if you want to be smooth as possible before your bundle of joy arrives!
Full Arms Female
Complete arm waxing of both arms
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Half Arm Female
Any half arm (Female)
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Upper Leg Female
Waxing of upper legs includes inner thigh
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Lower Leg Female
Upper legs for Men
(Waxing of upper legs includes inner thigh)
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Lower Legs for Men
Butt Cheeks Female
(Get that smooth Butt you wish for!)
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Toes and top of Feet Female
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Toes and top of Feet Male
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Stomach Strip $15
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Male Brazilian Wax

Ask About Our Chemical Peels in Gaithersburg, MD 

Our chemical peel is another great option for skin recovery along with our facial services in Gaithersburg, MD. Suitable for all skin types and easily administered in our spa, our chemical peel services in Gaithersburg, MD are an ideal solution for:

For more information about our experienced care, reach out to our specialized day spa in Washington, DC and we’ll help you find the perfect solutions for your skin type today!

Bikini waxing in Gaithersburg, MD

Affordable Waxing Services in Gaithersburg, MD

After replenishing your skin’s health with a facial or chemical peel, our spa is also available for professional waxing services near North Bethesda and Gaithersburg, MD. Our full-body waxing expertise includes Brazilian waxing, bikini waxes, underarm care, and hair removal unlike anywhere else. To minimize your discomfort our waxing day spa proudly offers Nufree for all hair removal services. Our gentler Brazilian waxes and ultra-sterile waxing center practices include:

Soy-based, free and safe for every skin type, our bikini waxes are naturally less irritating. Our estheticians specialize in gentle skin care and never utilize tweezers or unnecessary force for a flawlessly hair-free finish.

With clean gloves, never re-dipped wax sticks, and our thoroughly sanitized environment, your safety is our priority. Nufree is also antimicrobial/antibacterial for added safety with every professional body waxing we provide.

We are 100% dedicated to providing a comfortable and judgment-free atmosphere. We’re seasoned professionals and will always treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.

Contact Our Spa for the Best Deals in Gaithersburg, MD

Our specialized day spa near Howard County, MD has licensed estheticians to assist with your waxing and skin care needs. Give our friendly team a call for more information, and discount deals, or schedule a revitalizing spa session today and experience skincare designed exclusively for you!
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