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At Magdalen’s Pure Skin Care, cleansing away years of toxins, restoring damaged skin, and nourishing the skin is our specialty.

After 14 years of perfecting our day spa’s specialized services in waxing and facials, we’re here to enrich every skin type with balanced care that gets to the source of dry and damaged skin. Starting with a restorative skin care plan for every client, we’ve redefined the experience with a highly personalized and comprehensive approach to nutrient-rich skin care!

At our specialized day spa in Frederick, MD, the best care starts with a better product selection and educated guidance. We’ve developed our exclusive skin care line, feature a variety of purely organic products, and provide medical-grade chemical peels and body waxing services that are safe. Just take a look at our specialized day spa’s 1,300+ 5-star reviews, and you’ll see that our experienced care and skin-safe products are here to make you feel your best.

Experience Refreshed & Clean Skin With a Hydrafacial Treatment

Every unique skin type deserves a carefully-selected combination of products. After years of experienced skin care service in Frederick, MD, our individualized facials and skin care treatments revolve around your skin care needs. Our licensed care protects your skin from irritating products, heals rather than harms, and ensures that your normal, dry, or oily skin type is supported on a cellular level. Our estheticians in Frederick, MD, will give you the glowing benefits and healthier softness that comes with every relaxing and restorative treatment.

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Waxing Services Magdalen's Pure Skin Care
Brazilian wax returning clients
Brazilian wax is the removal of all hair in the pubic area; you can leave a strip if you wish.it includes the Butt strip but not the buttocks
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Brazilian wax or Bikini wax for women
Choose to have all hair removed or leave some hair New clients
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Pregnant women Brazilian wax Existing Client
Pregnant women before 4 months, and existing clients
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Pregnant women beyond 5 months
This is for you if you want to be smooth as possible before your bundle of joy arrives!
Full Arms Female
Complete arm waxing of both arms
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Half Arm Female
Any half arm (Female)
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Upper Leg Female
Waxing of upper legs includes inner thigh
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Lower Leg Female
Upper legs for Men
(Waxing of upper legs includes inner thigh)
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Lower Legs for Men
Butt Cheeks Female
(Get that smooth Butt you wish for!)
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Toes and top of Feet Female
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Toes and top of Feet Male
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Stomach Strip $15
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Male Brazilian Wax

Similar to a traditional facial but with additional benefits, our Hydrafacial MD treatments are recommended for anyone that would like to resolve fine lines, dried-out sun damage, and other skin concerns. Our multi-step Hydrafacial process empowers your skin’s natural healing potential, restores cellular balance, and painlessly provides astonishing hydration and rejuvenation that lasts long after the session is complete. 

Waxing services in Frederick, MD

Skip the Shave & Schedule a Waxing Appointment Today!

Along with our day spa’s specialization in facials, eyebrow/lash tinting, and chemical peel services, our curve-defining body waxes are affordable and accommodating. We provide virtually painless Brazilian waxing, underarm waxing, bikini waxing, and complete body waxing services using skin-safe Nufree. It only sticks to the hair (not the skin), is safe for all skin types, and features antimicrobial/antibacterial compounds for clean and infection-free waxing. 

During our professional Hydrafacial MD sessions in Frederick, MD, our multi-step care involves:

Our gentle methods open up the pores, break up clogged dirt and debris, and prepare your skin for cleansing and moisturization. Equally effective but way less painful than your typical dermabrasion processes, hydra-dermabrasion improves blood flow to the skin cells, stimulates new collagen/elastic production, and significantly improves the effectiveness of moisturizers.

After opening your pores, we apply a restorative chemical peel. Our self-neutralizing IV peels work to restore a healthy natural tone, texture, and clarity. Our medical-grade peels also reduce age spots, pigmentation issues, and fine lines and can even help to resolve acne conditions and scarring. The synergistic blend of ingredients works in harmony with the hydra-dermabrasion and exfoliation process, further promoting renewed collagen and elastin production, effectively resulting in a more youthful skin texture and tone.

Using gentle suction rather than forceful pinching, we methodically remove the loosened dirt, grime, and bacteria from deeper within your pores. Great for treating blackheads, oily skin conditions, and comprehensive skin detoxification.

We infuse a serum rich in antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and other beneficial compounds deep within the skin. Our Hydrafacial blend brightens complexion, promotes healthier cell function, and provides multi-tiered moisturization for soft and revitalized skin that looks and feels amazing. 

Our Frederick, MD waxing experts take pride in providing a relaxed atmosphere, informative guidance, and always professional care. Schedule an appointment because we’re offering amazing package discounts on all of our waxing services near Germantown, MD that only last ~10-15 minutes! 

If you have any questions about our healing facials, beautifying peels, or would like to learn more about our skin-protective waxing services near Frederick, our friendly estheticians are glad to help.


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